Thursday, December 19, 2013

Designing My Son’s First Workout Workout

I’ve been trying to come up with a first workout that would hit his whole body and save time. He’s not actually thrilled about it but I think it will be good to get him more exercise than he gets on the XBOX. 

I figured I would put a 15 minute time limit on it using my trusty Gymboss timer.  He’ll do this 3 days per week for four weeks and we’ll see how much he can get done in the time limit. The protocol will consist of the exercise and the reps. The reps for squat-press and lat pulldowns will lower with each successive set and the reps for push-ups will increase. Squat-Presses aka squat to shoulder press will be empty hand.

Squat-Press                                  Push-ups                             Strength Band Lat Pulldowns

10                                           1                                                              10

9                                              2                                                              9

8                                              3                                                              8

7                                              4                                                              7

6                                              5                                                              6

5                                              6                                                              5

4                                              7                                                              4

3                                              8                                                              3

2                                              9                                                              2

1                                              10                                                           1

I think this will get him in decent shape to start. Later I’ll look at adding pull-ups, decline push-ups and strength band squats.  Eventually, we’ll work up to the barbell.

Stay strong!