Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ProSupps Tip of the Month: Getting Lean without Cardio by Art Ortiz


No matter the athlete no matter the goal proper nutrition and supplementation plays a huge part in building the body you desire. While starting my cut down phase I tore all the ligaments in my ankle and I was forced to train on crutches which means I was unable to do any cardio, and while cutting most people would think cardio is key. I found out during these 5 weeks on crutches that I was able to cut down body fat while maintaining muscle with a solid nutrition and supplementation program. Take a look at my diet and supplement program I was on while cutting down without cardio. 

Meal #1 - 8 Egg whites | 2 whole eggs | 1 cup of oats | 3 Halotropin
 **Pre-Workout Stack | WORKOUT #1
Meal #2 / Post-Workout Stack - L-Carnatine, 1 I load, 1 scoop of karbolic, 10oz lean protein
Meal #3 - 10oz lean protein | 6oz carbs
Meal #4 - 10oz lean protein | Green veggies
**Pre-Workout Stack | WORKOUT #2
Meal #5 - 10oz lean protein | 6oz quick digesting carbs
Meal #6 - 10oz lean protein | Large serving of green veggies
Meal #7 - 10oz lean protein | Large serving of green veggies
**Before bed - 2 Crash | L-Carnatine
**Intra-workout - For maximum absorption drink your AminoLinx during your workout, they are best utilized when the body is under stress
**Pre-workout Stack #1 and #2 - 1 No3Drive, L-Carnatine, 1 DNPX2 (PWO #1 only)
The purpose of splitting my workouts are to elevate my heart rate twice a day to maximize calorie burn and fat loss.

ProSupps Supplements used: 
Halotropin, I Load, Karbolic, L-Carnatine, DNPX2, AminoLinx, No3Drive, Crash

By Art Ortiz – ProSupps Athlete

IFBB Men’s Physique Pro