Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mike Rashid gets DNA tested by MUSCLEGENES

Mike Rashid


Why do I need a MuscleGenes Gene Test?

1. You have a road map to your goals when you know your genetic information, so you’ll actually be guided without the guess work!
2. If you are unlikely to respond to certain types of training, why do it?
3. Why train in the morning if your body responds better to training at night?
4. Why drop carbohydrates if you’re efficient at switching to fat metabolism?
5. There are specific supplements that will help you achieve your physical goals, and you need to know what they are!
6. You worry about cortisol, but should you?
7. You get confused about how often you should train, yet your genes can help with that!
8. You worry about your ability to recover, and some people need to recover, others don’t need to worry. Why guess, when MuscleGenes can tell you?
9. You feel that being overweight means you’re not a good athlete, yet it might just mean you have great endurance capabilities, so your body stores energy easily. Wouldn’t that be empowering to know?
10.Every last percent you can gain, is important to you, and you need to let us interpret your genes to strive for that!