Friday, December 13, 2013

How do you warm-up for a big bench press?

To get to the answer of this we go to Coach Wade Johnson.  He is a man who chased the 700 pound bench press. Coach knows something about preparing for a big lift. Here’s the short list of what Coach does to warm-up for his bench press training.


Side lateral raises – 15 reps – with 5 pound dumbbells

Hammer curls – 15 reps – with 10 pound dumbbells


Internal Rotations with strength bands

External Rotations with strength bands

Light Pulldowns

Light Shrugs

Bar only bench press – 25 reps

Bench Press

95 pounds for 15 reps

135 pounds for 8 reps

185 pounds for 5 reps

225 pounds for 3 reps
To find out about the actual bench press workout listen to SHR # 1321 :: The Get Strong Show: Building The 400 Pound Bench Press ::