Thursday, December 26, 2013

Get Ripped with Spring Valley L-Lysine for less than $10 per month

Research has shown that l-carnitine is the transporter of fat to muscle to burn. The problem is that if you are already taxed in your food and supplement budget, the additional $30 to $40 for one amino acid can be pretty expensive. Well, lucky for you I found a way to increase your l-carnitine levels without increasing your budget drastically. The answer is in 5,000 mg of l-lysine per day.

Stack with 500 – 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. 

Lysine-carnitine conversion in normal and undernourished adult men-suggestion of a nonpeptidyl pathway.


Administration of 5 g L-lysine orally to normal adults produced a significant increase in plasma carnitine levels within 6 h followed by a further rise by 48 h. Levels remained high up to 72 h. Similar changes in plasma carnitine were not observed if blood was sampled without lysine load or after administering a load of other amino acids such as tryptophan or threonine. Maximum excretion of carnitine per g creatinine was observed in 24 to 48 h collection after lysine load. Two subjects showed an early peak in 3-h and 6-h collections, respectively. Undernourished subjects failed to demonstrate similar change. After rehabilitation the undernourished subjects behaved as did the well-nourished subjects. These observations suggest that there may be a rapid in vivo conversion of orally administered lysine to carnitine in humans. Conversion of lysine to carnitine may be impaired in malnutrition.
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