Monday, March 24, 2014

Whole Food then Exercise then Supplements Maybe.......

Great physiques have been built for thousands of years on food and exercise. Supplements seem to have a short history outside of current times. I mean for me in the 80's a pre-workout was fruit or fruit juice. I wasn't timing anything. I lifted, walked home and drank some milk. Maybe made a sandwich and grew all the same.

I didn't slam whey and carbs. I didn't have casein at bedtime. And the BCAAs I had came from whole foods .... unless I saved enough lunch money to buy some dessicated liver tablets.

Since then I've tried every supplement imaginable with a lot of healthy skepticism. The skepticism comes from reading 35 years worth of claims from supplement manufacturers.

But alas I still look for that magic pill.

I do believe in my fish oil, creatine and protein powders. But I know that I could still be well off without any of it.

Here's some skepticism sources for you:

Less than half of all herbal supplements actually contain what's on ...
Feb 15, 2014 ... In supplements that are supposed to contain African Mango there is no African
Mango. In the Acai Berry Select supplement there's not a trace of ...
No African Mango in African Mango supplements - Ergo-Log
Sep 12, 2012 ... If you've bought a slimming supplement that contains African Mango, there's a
chance that it doesn't contain any African Mango at all.