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Adel Moussa's Suppversity Protein Intake Studies Reviews

Non-Fasted Cardio the True Key To Weight Loss? Study Shows Significant Increase in Total Energy Expenditure W/ Fed vs. Fasted Cardio - High Protein Adds to the Effect

‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎25, ‎2014, ‏‎10:38:39 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Cardio & weight training are not mutually exclusive | learn more! It's actually quite funny. A few days ago I wrote in a short blurb for the daily SuppVersity Classic Article that the "never-ending debate" about fasted cardio "has lost some of its momentum when the HIIT craze hit the fitness community" and today I get the following message from Päivi (thx!): "This study totally contradicts my

Where Protein Fails, Protein + Resistance Training Succeed: Lifting Corrects Diet-Induced Decrease in Postprandial Protein Synthesis, But Fails to Normalize Net Retention

‎Saturday, ‎March ‎15, ‎2014, ‏‎10:02:26 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
It takes pains to maintain your gains! You will certainly remember the shocking revelation that simply eating more protein is not going to prevent the diet induced muscle loss that occurs whenever you consume less energy than you expend (read up on "Protein Intake & Muscle Catabolism: Fasting Gnaws on Your Muscle Tissue and Abundance Causes Wastefulness" | go for it!)... Don't rejoice, the

There is More To Glucose Control Than Carbohydrates (1/?): Non-Carbohydrate Nutrients And Their Effects On Blood Glucose Management ➲ Amino Acids, Proteins, Peptides

‎Monday, ‎March ‎03, ‎2014, ‏‎8:52:59 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
This is part I of a multipart series, you will be able to navigate by clicking on the pictures in the box below. While it appears to be obvious that eating a low-to-no-carbohydrate diet would be the easiest way to manage your blood glucose levels, carbs are by far not the only nutrient that will have an effect on your blood glucose levels. In a recent overview article, Martina Heer and Sarah

High Protein Diets Don't Counter Anti-Anabolic Effects of Low Energy Intake: 29% Reduction in Free Testosterone, -16% IGF-1 With 40% Energy Deficit Despite 2.4g/kg Protein

‎Saturday, ‎February ‎22, ‎2014, ‏‎8:17:00 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Melt the belly, keep the muscle - a decent amount of protein is key, but more ain't more and as a recent study shows: This has nothing to do with hormones. If you are no newbie to the SuppVersity you will be aware that there is no way to escape the "anti-anabolic" effects of suboptimal energy intakes. You will also know that protein catabolism cannot be countered by the ingestion of extra

Protein Power - Study Suggests: 40%+ is Where True Magic Happens. Plus: If Protein is King, Whey is the Emperor

‎Monday, ‎February ‎17, ‎2014, ‏‎9:45:42 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
It's not just about more protein it's about significantly more protein and - possibly - also about whey! Just to make sure: Yes, I know the study I am about to discuss in today's SuppVersity article is a rodent study - a rodent study by researchers from the University College Cork and the University College Dublin (Mc Allan. 2014). And yes, I know that you ain't no fury little mouse or rat...

Vegan Eco Atkins?! Getting Rid of the Blubber W/ Seitan Sausages & Soy Burgers. You CAN Lose Weight & Get Health(ier) on a Gluten-Laden "Vegan Paleo" Diet

‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎11, ‎2014, ‏‎9:18:39 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
YamYol :D - The perfect diet food *rofl* ➲ "delicious" gluten-laden Seitan Sausages are apparently still healthier than pizza, burgers and fries. Let me ask you a question: Do you believe that there is a such a thing as a vegan Paleo or Eco Atkins diet? No? Well, me neither, at least until, I read about the latter, i.e. Eco-Atkins, in the title of a long-term (6-months) weight loss study by

It Does Matter How You Spread Your Protein Intake - 30% Higher 24h Protein Synthesis with 30g+ Protein per Meal

‎Friday, ‎January ‎31, ‎2014, ‏‎11:02:37 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Today's SuppVersity News will provide you with "confirmation" rather than "innovation", I suppose With my recent article on the non-existance of protein-related osteoporosis (read more) and the short news post about the unique satiating effects of protein snacks (read more), there's been quite some protein lovin' here at the SuppVersity as of late. Usually, I would try to avoid having yet

Nutrition Quickie: Protein Snacks Shift Macro-Intake W/Out Risk of Overeating ✰ Fewer Dietary Restrictions From the Parents' Side Helps Kids Lose Weight ✰ Ricy Liver Cleanse

‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎28, ‎2014, ‏‎10:06:50 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Regular snack: No relative increase in protein intake, but an absolute increase in energy intake; protein snack / shake: No increase in absolute energy intake, but increase in rel. protein intake. I usually don't recommend snacking between the meals, but when it comes to nutritious science news snacks right from the "ahead of print" section of peer-reviewed scientific journals, I will make

High Protein Diets, Acid Load, Calcium Loss, Osteoporosis and a 50% Increase in Diabetes Risk - Is There a Link?

‎Sunday, ‎January ‎26, ‎2014, ‏‎9:09:19 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Shouldn't it be obvious that the "happy medium" must be the solution, when high protein leads to brittle bones, and low protein to frail muscle? Sure! But where is this "happy medium"? Some of you may remember my recent Facebook post "High Protein Diet in the Firing Line. Rodent Study Says: Kidneys Are at Risk". It was based on a press release you could read on all the major science-news

True or False - High or Low Protein Intakes Have Profound Influence on Testosterone, SHBG, Estrogen, Cortisol & Co?

‎Friday, ‎January ‎10, ‎2014, ‏‎8:32:03 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
We are what we eat! Acknowledged, but does this also go for your hormones and different in protein intakes? Let's have another look at the contemporarily available research to figure that out. In recent study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism a group of researchers from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta reports:

Protein Intake & Muscle Catabolism: Fasting Gnaws on Your Muscle Tissue and Abundance Causes Wastefulness

‎Sunday, ‎January ‎05, ‎2014, ‏‎8:33:41 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
How much of the protein you can eat and how much of it you need two keep the status quo are very different questions. Don't worry, this article is not about the notorious .takeHome {background: #F0E9FF; padding: 10px 35px;font-family: 'Ubuntu Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:14px; margin: 10px -25px;} "Anabolic Barndoor" or the purported magic of "nutrient timing" and post.workout supplements

22g High EAA (6g) Protein + 36g CHO Pre- / Intra-Workout Boost Fat Oxidation & PWO Resting(!) Energy Expenditure

‎Monday, ‎December ‎30, ‎2013, ‏‎8:38:52 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
I don't doubt that you can do that, too! It does sound awkward: If you mix Twinlab: Amino Fuel (22 g protein - 6 g essential amino acids | L-phenylalanine: 633 mg; Lvaline: 781 mg; L-tryptophan: 133 mg; L-threonine: 679 mg; L-isoleucine: 565 mg; L-methionine: 292 mg, L-histidine: 282 mg; L-leucine: 1350 mg; L-lysine: 1449 mg) with a regular sports recovery drink that contains 36g of simple

Novel Perspectives on Protein Consumption: 36% Decrease In Myostatin, With Low Protein (0.1g/kg BW) Diet, But...

‎Thursday, ‎December ‎19, ‎2013, ‏‎9:50:53 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
What happens to your muscle, when you train on a low protein diet? With the publication of Alan Aragon's and Brad Schoenfeld's excellent paper "Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?" (Aragon. 2013), the over-estimated importance of the so-called window of opportunity after a workout has been knocked back into reasonable shape. Neither of the two would yet

Protein Wheysting?! No Significant Increase in PWO Protein Synthesis W/ 40g vs. 20g Whey, But 100% Higher Insulin, 340% More Urea & 52x Higher Oxidative Amino Acid "Loss"

‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎04, ‎2013, ‏‎10:39:09 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
No, I don't think the results would have been different, if the subjects had been young women. For older guys and gals, on the other hand, I am not 100% sure. It has been a while since we've been taking a look at one of the two or three dozen "whey increases muscle protein synthesis" studies and, officially, we would have to wait not just for Santa, but actually until January 2014 to take a

Two Days A Week High Protein, Low Carb Fast Cuts >10% of Body Fat in 4 Months And Improves Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity More Than Chronic -25% Energy Restriction

‎Thursday, ‎October ‎17, ‎2013, ‏‎1:21:31 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
I wonder if she just found out that sheddin 10% body fat can be as easy as doing two "protein modified fasts" per week!? It has been some time since the last interesting study on Intermittent Fasting has found its way into the SuppVersity news; and I have to admit that the protocol of the study I am about to discuss today does not really qualify as "intermittent fasting" in the "lean gains"

Protein Requirements of Dieting Strength Athletes: More is Better Only in the Presence of Adequate Carb & Fat Intake. Optimal Muscle Retention With 2-3g/kg Lean Body Mass

‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎09, ‎2013, ‏‎8:43:05 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Believe it or not: Being lean, athletic and well-conditioned is a disqualifier, when it comes to "body recomposition" (=building muscle + losing fat at the same time). Simply upping your protein intake indefinitely is not going to change that.. This is one of those article, where I thought twice whether or not it would be worth writing. If I knew that the majority of you had full-text access

Get Your Protein, Veggies & Fruits and Get Them Regularly: High(er) Meal Frequency (6 à Day) + High(er) Protein Diet Support Weight & Fat Loss on a Diet

‎Saturday, ‎September ‎14, ‎2013, ‏‎8:24:41 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
There are more than six ways to get six-pack abs - trust me. I guess, I am going to provoke a quarrel by claiming there may be advantages to eating more frequently. After all, saying anything that could be interpreted as criticism of intermittent fasting is about as unpopular as talking about the benefits of carbohydrates, these days. And I am guilty of doing both on a regular basis. The

Evidence From the Metabolic Ward: 1.6-2.4g/kg Protein Turn Short Term Weight Loss Intervention into a Fat Loss Diet

‎Thursday, ‎July ‎25, ‎2013, ‏‎10:10:20 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
2x-3x higher than RDA protein intakes work equally well for men and women, to get and stay lean and lose fat and build / maintain muscle. There are very few principles I believe are set in stone and valid regardless of your age (maybe not for toddlers), your training goals and your nutritional "orientation" (paleo, low carber, low fat eater, or whatever), and among these the "Have at least 30g

The Satiating Truth About Proteins and Why High Protein and Low Amounts of Low GI Carbs Don't Mix Well

‎Monday, ‎July ‎22, ‎2013, ‏‎9:32:49 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
So can you? I mean, can you really get rid of hunger pangs by upping the protein content of your meals? Yes, you can, but as usual, there is a string attached, here. One of the infamous "on the other hands", as Carl Lanore likes to call them. Despite the fact that I actually have to stop some of you from eating too much protein [I am not talking about ill health effects, but a saturation

Science Round-Up Seconds: Looking at Fast, Slow & Total Protein Intake Again. More Than 2g/kg Protein = Madness?

‎Friday, ‎January ‎11, ‎2013, ‏‎1:23:32 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Just out: Part I of my interview with Sean Casey from CasePerformance. This part of the three-part interview includes a basic protocol that may help you get your macronutrient and energy intake right (I put an emphasis on the word "basic", here ;-). If you have not downloaded the podcast of yesterday's installment of the SuppVersity Science Round-Up (show starts at ~70min), I suggest that you

Fat Loss Principles That Work: 10g+ of EAAs W/ Every Meal. Do Energetic Costs of Protein Synthesis Trigger This Effect?

‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎19, ‎2012, ‏‎9:43:29 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
EAAs beyond whey: It may not necessarily look like this, but this salad (repicecorner) is an EAA power horse with cheddar cheese (25% protein, 0.49 EAA / P ratio), tuna (in oil, 29%, 0.45) and kidney beans (9%, 0.45). You see, it does not always have to be chicken breasts or whey to get beyond the 10g+ EAA threshold, I have repeatedly suggested as one of the fundamental rules of dieting for

Magic Numbers: 1g Protein per 2g Carbs + Circuit Training = The #1 Formula for Weight & Fat Loss in Obese Women?

‎Monday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2012, ‏‎11:42:41 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
If there is one thing about this study that's not debatable it is that eating whole foods, cleaning your diet from all sorts of junk and working out lifting weights and doing aerobics were the cornerstones of the weight loss success of these women, regardless of whether they consumed a low, medium or high amount of protein. Roughly two years ago, when the SuppVersity opened its doors, it was

Aspartame's Anti-Insulinogenic Effects During a Workout; Optimal Protein Intake on a Diet is Relative. Plus: Folate Fortification, Spirulia, Succinate, Sucrose, Pork Brain & the Low Cholesterol-Suicide Connection Reviewed!

‎Friday, ‎September ‎14, ‎2012, ‏‎11:44:57 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Unbelievable: The results of the latest study from the University of Western Sidney appear to suggest that you could keep your insulin levels at bay, if you mixed your sugary intra-workout supplement with aspartame-laden diet coke instead of water! The mechanism that's behind this phenomenon does yet still have to be elucidated. You may be surprised to see a long headline, a long post and a

Adelfo Cerame: Intermittent Fasting Done My Way - How I Break My Fast, Plan & Time My Macros and Use Caloric Zigzagging & Re-Feeds on a LeanGains Inspired IF Regimen

‎Thursday, ‎August ‎30, ‎2012, ‏‎10:09:17 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: Intermittent fasting, breaking the fast, macronutrient ratios and timing, caloric zigzagging and refeeds - learn how it can be done, learn how Adelfo does it! Today's thursdaily SuppVersity post by Adelfo Cerame starts with an advertisement... "What? I thought the SuppVersity was ad-free!"... I see you are shocked!? Well, actually it ain't a real ad anyway, it's more a plug and what's

On Short Notice: Teas & Prostate, Metformin & Amenorrhea, Stevia & High, Omega-3 & Low Cortisol, Aminos & Weight Control, Nordic Hamstring Exercise & 20% More Power!

‎Sunday, ‎August ‎19, ‎2012, ‏‎5:14:52 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: This would be a case where metformin probably won't help you to get your menses back - unless this is just one of your "yous" and you are taking high doses of anti-psychotics, of course. In view of the fact that I have piled up way more "On Short Notice" items than I can possibly squeeze into one installment, today's news on the right tea (green or black) for prostate cancer, the

Women Have a Much Harder Time Losing Body Fat Than Men, But Both Benefit From Doubling Their Protein Intake!

‎Saturday, ‎June ‎16, ‎2012, ‏‎9:55:07 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: Looks good, tastes good, is good - and contrary to zinc, ingesting 2x the RDA will help you lose body fat, instead of setting you up for insulin resistance. Enough of useless (ALA, zinc) and useful (glutamin) supplements for at least 24h! Let's get back to what really counts: Training? No, not today,.. the other thing! The one, which is actually to be supplemented - your diet! Believe

Essential Amino Acids Stimulate Muscle Glucose Uptake by Exponentiating Insulin's Effect on GLUT4 Expression

‎Monday, ‎May ‎28, ‎2012, ‏‎11:38:27 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: High EAA smoothies are a good, high sugar one a very bad idea Scientists from the Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Laboratory at the Department of Kinesiology and Health of the University of University of Texas at Austin, the Abbott Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, and the Taipei Sports University in Taipaie, Taiwan, report in one of their latest papers that the administration of an

Fishing for Muscle: Cod Protein Promotes Muscle Repair After Injury More than Casein or Peanut Protein

‎Friday, ‎May ‎04, ‎2012, ‏‎9:39:27 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: There are obviously more nutritionally valuable parts to cod than just its liver. On Wednesday, you have learned that diet-deoptimization with rice instead of casein protein is a possible way to gain less weight. Today, we are going to tackle what appears to be a way more promising alternative to the dairy-based top-dogs among the protein supplements: Cod protein! Within the health

Red Meat and Even Pork is Good for You!? Reduced Weight Gain, Improved Insulin Sensitivity and No Adverse Side Effects from "Red Meat Supplementation" Even in Rodents!

‎Tuesday, ‎April ‎17, ‎2012, ‏‎10:43:21 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: Must be the red meat between those healthy grain based burger buns that makes this rodent fat, right? What? Yeah... of course epidemiologists count this as a "red meat meal" - it has "red meat" in it... wait, ah yeah: More likely pink slime, with some totally benign ammonia in it, you are right ;-) Those of you who have been around here at the SuppVersity for some time, may have

High or Low Protein? Milk, Whey, Casein or Soy? In the End It Could Make Less of a Difference Than You Thought!

‎Friday, ‎March ‎30, ‎2012, ‏‎12:31:38 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: All macronutrient ratios aside, my gut tells me that I cannot go wrong with something as delicious as a piece of steak (img. - I don't know if that is what scientists call the "gut brain axis", though *lol* At least those of you who make sure, they get their daily dose of SuppVersity news should actually remember the "Bray study" (cf. "A Tale of Macro- and

Set to Be Obese? Epigenetic Programing in Utero - The Roles of Over- & Undernutrition, High & Low Protein, Fruits, Veggies, Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, Vitamins & More

‎Monday, ‎March ‎26, ‎2012, ‏‎11:30:22 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: Your mother's diet is not the sole cause of your love handles and health problems, but it could well have tipped the scale to your fat disadvantage. Don't be resentful, but don't repeat the same mistakes, either! While it is certainly false to assume that anyone can't help but to get obese, it's similarly hard to deny that some people just have to cut back on the coke and sweets they

A Tale of Macro- & Micronutrient Modifications: Eating "Unlimited Protein" Will Make You Fat. A Hypercaloric Low Protein Diet With a Large Amount of Arginine Won't!

‎Saturday, ‎February ‎11, ‎2012, ‏‎12:50:46 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: The main message of the Bray study (according to Bray himself is) that you won't get away with consuming way more energy than you need - no matter how much of this energy comes from protein. Even if you have not read it on the SuppVersity Facebook page, or in the comment section of one of the previous posts, I am sure that most of you all will have heard, or rather read, the fuss

High Carb vs. High Fat for Obese Type II Diabetics and What Really Happens, When Science Meets Real Life

‎Monday, ‎February ‎06, ‎2012, ‏‎11:12:35 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: "You told me to eat more protein and this burger has both meat and cheese!" - This and other mishaps are among the reasons why calories still count in the books of most dietitians. Today's SuppVersity post fits in nicely with the latest installment of the Intermittent Thoughts from yesterday and the post on the "heart-healthy low fat diet" from Friday, as it is about one of the few

Sugar Addicted or Just Stressed Out? Study Investigates Modulatory Effects of Different Macronutrient Compositions on Serotonin in the Presence and Absence of Stress

‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎03, ‎2012, ‏‎10:43:56 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: She has the reason she is so relaxed right in her hand... but does she know that sugar is no sustainable way of coping with stress unless you don't care that you thusly pave the way from from initial episodes of hypoglycemia over binges, to obesity and diabetes. "Sugar addiction" is a recurring theme in the blogosphere and whether it exists or not and what potential causes and

You Don't Want to Gain Muscle? Then You'd Better Avoid Animal Protein. Additional(!) 200g of Pork a Day Build Lean Mass and Improve Blood Lipids and Glucose Levels.

‎Sunday, ‎June ‎19, ‎2011, ‏‎9:26:58 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Image 1: I don't know about the barbecue sauce, but without it, this lean pork fillet would be a healthy muscle builder (image by Wikipedian Kbh3rd) "Meat is unhealthy!", "Muscle is unaesthetic!" and "I don't want to look like a man!", if you recognize your own line of thinking in these statements, you probably are a women and certainly not a regular visitor of the SuppVersity.

Algae Cake: Delicious & Healthy!? Wait Until You Learn that it is a Waste Product of Biofuel Production

‎Friday, ‎April ‎15, ‎2011, ‏‎8:25:47 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Despite the Fukushima disaster and the possible contamination of seafood and algae from the pacific ocean, seaweed still has a very good reputation among the health & longevity "experts" (especially those who happen to sell respective supplements). Figure 1: Algae cake (left) and differently processed algae (right); pictures as they appear on homepage of Dr V Sivasubramanian And though I do

Green Tea Inhibits Fat Gain, But Will It Also Hinder Muscle Gain? Decreased Protein Absorption in Rats Supplemented With Green Tea Extract

‎Monday, ‎April ‎04, ‎2011, ‏‎8:40:00 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
It has gotten relatively quiet around green tea within the past weeks. Everybody knows about its anti-oxidant effects, its modest efficacy as a weight loss supplement and the relaxing effect of taking a time-out from the stressors of daily life with a good cup of freshly brewed tea. Now, scientists from Poland (Bajerska. 2011) found another interesting, yet not so beneficial property of green tea

Effects of Macronutrient Composition on Metabolic Signaling: Higher Protein Diet Favors Glycogen Storage in Muscle Over Adipose Tissue

‎Sunday, ‎March ‎27, ‎2011, ‏‎12:47:15 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Those of you who have already listened to the latest, revamped (and improved) episode of Dr Scott Connelly's BodyRx Show will already have heard of Suzanne Devkota's and Donald K Layman's study (Devkota. 2011) on the effects of different meal compositions on the postprandial glucose disposal. For the rest of you who have missed the episode and those of you who like their info white-on-black, here

Protein's Effects on Gene Expression: Higher Protein Lower Carbohydrate Diet Spares Gylcogen, Lowers Insulin and Reduces Lipogenesis

‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎23, ‎2011, ‏‎12:51:04 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
High protein diets have become the "gold standard" within the fitness community. On the countless bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss related bulletin boards on the Internet, athletes, gymrats and even overweight house-wives report outstanding benefits of a higher than normal protein intake on weight gain and/or fat loss. French scientists (Stepien. 2011) have now taken a closer look at the

Hungry? Better Eat Whey than Soy! Rats Receiving Soy Supplement Consume More Calories.

‎Thursday, ‎February ‎24, ‎2011, ‏‎8:20:00 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Lately, whey protein is all the rage. Rightly, as it seems! A recent study on the effect of protein supplementation on appetite and calorie consumption in rats showed that whey is way superior to soy protein in inducing satiety and reducing caloric intake. For 10 weeks rats were fed a standard diet (control), or a high protein diet, with either 24% whey or isoflavone-free soy protein added to

Overweight Korean Adults Benefit from Protein Rich "Oriental" Diet - More than from Conventional Diet Program.

‎Wednesday, ‎February ‎23, ‎2011, ‏‎12:16:05 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Americans and Europeans are by no means the only people with unhealthy weight problems. Korea, where the traditional diet is gradually replaced by an Americanized fast-food diet, faces a similar obesity epidemia. The solution, on both sides, appears to be the same: a significant increase in protein intake. Compared to a 2006 conventional dieting regime the subjects who participated in the 12

High Protein Diet Safe for Bones! Acid Load due to Meat Protein does not Compromise Calcium Metabolism.

‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎22, ‎2011, ‏‎1:28:11 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Reading the caption of this post, some of you may rightly ask themselves: "Why does he even mention this? Of course, meat is safe - meat is natural and eating meat is what man is made for!" So, if you already knew all that, you can stop reading now. If, however, you still belong to the misguided brotherhood of the followers of the holy food pyramid with your "healthy" grains, pasta and cereals at

Macronutrient Ratio of a Meal does not Impact Psychological and Physiological Stress Response

‎Saturday, ‎February ‎12, ‎2011, ‏‎5:58:51 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
Many people say: "I need my carbs to relax!" But is it actually true that high-carb meals facilitate better stress management? According to a recently published study (Lemmens. 2011) this claim belongs to the realms of nutritional mysticism - at least in the short run. Subjects (n = 38, 19m/19f, age = 25±9 yrs, BMI = 25.0±3.3 kg/m2) reported to the lab

Lower Protein to Carb Ratio Impairs Akt/TOR Signaling Pathway after Fasting in Rainbow Trout

‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎12, ‎2011, ‏‎8:06:00 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
"Boy, you need your carbs post workout!" This cornerstone of conventional bodybuilding wisdom is crumbling and a new study, if it had been done in humans, not in rainbow trout, would potentially refute this myth once and for all - at least, if one follows the popular (but false) assumption that it is because you are in a carb depleted or overall fasted state after a strenuous workouts. A group

1.86 g EPA + 1.5g DHA Augment the Hyperaminoacidemia-Hyperinsulinemia–induced Increase in the Rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis

‎Sunday, ‎December ‎26, ‎2010, ‏‎12:59:28 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
MPS, the acronym for "muscle protein synthesis", certainly is an eye-catchers for everyone interested in building sleeve bursting arms. Obviously, the at which (dietary) proteins are incorporated into muscle tissue is an important factor in how much and how fast your muscles will grow. Scientists from the Washington University, School of Medicine (Smith. 2010) have now conducted a randomized

Both, Protein and Carbohydrate After Workout Ineffective in Ameliorating CK-Response and Muscle Soreness After Exercise

‎Friday, ‎December ‎17, ‎2010, ‏‎8:31:00 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
While people keep debating, whether you need or you do not need carbs post workout, a very recent US-study (Dahlstrom Burnley. 2010) shows that neither protein nor carbs effectively protect against CK-elevation and muscle soreness following an excentric strength training session. Figure 1: Serum creatine phosphokinase (CPK) activity according to treatment. *There was no significant difference

Dieting: Nutrient Composition Probably Less Important than On-Going Low vs. High Carb Debate Suggests

‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎01, ‎2010, ‏‎1:00:00 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
In a soon to be published study Kerksick, (Kerksick. 2010) investigated the effect of 6 dietary regimens on weight loss in 141 obese women (38.7 +/- 8.0 yrs, 163.3 +/- 6.9 cm, 93.2 +/- 16.5 kg, 35.0 +/- 6.2 kg*m-2, 44.8 +/- 4.2 % fat). Interestingly, the members of all groups with restricted dietary intake + exercise achieved similar rates of weight loss (cf. Figure 1) Figure 1: Changes

High Protein Diet vs. Insulin Sensitivity - Effective for Sedentary Women, as Well

‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎10, ‎2010, ‏‎8:22:00 PM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
I think while I do not have to repeat the importance of a healthy diet, especially the women among you may still think of pasta, rice, grain and vegetables as being the primary or even single ingredient in such a diet, so I consider it my duty, to report the results of a 2010 study (Jung. 2010) published in the October issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The examined the effect of

Further Evidence: High Protein Diet Conserves Lean Mass

‎Thursday, ‎September ‎30, ‎2010, ‏‎12:09:00 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
It is becoming common knowledge that consuming a diet (relatively) high in proteins conserves muscle mass. Thus, a recent study by Case & Haub (Case. 2010) only confirms what regular visitors of the SuppVersity obviously knew. The scientists investigated the effect of either a high carbohydrate (CHO; 65% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 20% fats), a "high protein" (PRO; 40% carbohydrates, 30%

Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself: High Protein, High Fiber May Well be the Key

‎Saturday, ‎September ‎25, ‎2010, ‏‎10:43:21 AM | (Adel aka Dr. Andro)Go to full article
In a study published in the most recent issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition of Morenga et al. (Morenga. 2010) report the beneficial outcome of an ad-libitum (i.e. not energy-restricted) high protein (up to 30% of energy), high fiber (>35 g per day; HPHF) diet on weight and body composition in overweight women: Participants on the HPHF [high protein, high fiber] diet lost more

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