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Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido - Ergo-Log

Excerpt from Ergo-Log:

Alpha-GPC, the supplement referred to in the Italians' publication, is also called choline-alfoscerate. Its structural formula is shown here.

When taken in doses of 400 to 1200 mg alpha-GPC can reduce forgetfulness. [Clin Ther. 2003 Jan;25(1):178-93.]
That was also the reason why a 79-year-old man approached the authors of the article. He was the picture of health, his testosterone level was normal, but his short-term memory was declining. This is why the doctors prescribed alpha-GPC for the man.

After using the supplement for six weeks the man's sexual behaviour had changed. Before supplementation he had sex about once a month, after taking the supplement he wanted sex several times a day. He also asked his wife to perform oral sex, something he had never done before. In addition he wanted sex in unusual places, and had started to masturbate 'to alleviate his psychological discomfort'.

Both the man himself and his wife also reported that alpha-GPC made his erection harder.

When the researchers got the man to stop taking the supplement his sexual drive decreased within five days.

After that the man started taking the product secretly for a month, during which time the hypersexuality returned.

Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido - Ergo-Log

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