Monday, April 28, 2014

A Five Week Vince Gironda Style Bodybuilding Plan

 I’m a weird dude. I occasionally like to try something that was done 50 years or more ago. For example, growing and eating heirloom vegetables. Fishing with old equipment or trying a not often used exercise routine.

As such, I’ve tried some golden age bodybuilding routines and obtained some new soreness and hopefully new growth.

Here’s my latest idea. Marry Vince Gironda’s set and rep schemes to my Hammer Strength machine workouts.

The rules are as follows.

1.    Adhere as closely as possible to a full body split.

2.    One exercise per muscle group.

3.    Short rest periods.  15 – 60 seconds

4.    Feel free to change all of this.

Week 1 – Do 10x10 for each muscle group. That’s 10 set of 10 reps. I would say start with 50% for your normal 10 rep max (10RM)

Week 2 - Do 8x8 with 60% of 10RM

Week 3 – Do 6x6 with 70% of 10RM

Week 4 – Do 10-8-6-15 reps

                   10 reps of 50% of a 6RM

                    8 reps of 75% of a 6RM

                    6 reps of 100% of a 6RM

                   15 reps of 35% of a 6RM

Week 5 – Do 15x4 – 15 sets of 4 reps pyramiding up and down the stack