Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exercise Supplementation Quickie: Optimal Protein Blend for Protein Synthesis ...

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In this study Butteiger et al. observed that a mixture of 1:1:2 of soy protein, whey protein and caseinate (="broken" micelar casein which has a significantly faster digestion rate than the original) produced the maximal increase in protein synthesis (dotted line in Figure 1), but with "fake casein" and soy, I am 100% sure that you can do better than that with whey hydrolysate, whey concentrate and micellar casein (1:1:1 would mean an identical ratio of the three). As far as the ratios goes, I would suggest the following combinations for specific purposes:

  • 5:5:1 - immediately post workout, if you have a meal within the next 1h
  • 1:1:1 - immediately post workout, if you have a meal within the next 2h
  • 1:3:5 - as a snack, of if you don't have a meal within 4h of the workout
Please keep in mind, though that I have no scientific evidence to confirm that this would be "optimal" - it's just what I would say appears logical based on the current evidence we have. Instead of whey hydrolysate you can also replace this and the whey concentrate by an isolate. So that you would end up at whey isolate : micellar casein ratios of 10:1, 2:1 and 4:5 - got that?

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