Thursday, April 24, 2014

How Ron N. Stays Ripped and Keeps His Gains (Updated)

Ron just missed his pro-card in 2011. Ron almost quit competing because he felt he lost to much muscle on the chicken and green been diet. Well his trainer made the below tweaks and Ron is really happy.

He's ripped to the bone. A natural bodybuilder who is over 40.

I asked him how he gets so lean before a competition and here's what he told me.

No protein powders when he's cutting.

Old: He eats this every 2 hours.

200 grams of chicken breast

150 grams green beans

New: He eats this every 2 hours.

6 - 8 oz 80/20 Hamburger 

Brussel Sprouts or Asparagus or Broccoli