Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ALR Industries Exchange (Ursolic Acid) 120 Caps Dietary Supplement

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What is Ursolic Acid? Build muscle, increase testosterone, block estrogen, and burn fat with 3-beta-3-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-28-oic acid

ALR Industries Exchange is the new Ursolic Acid supplement in the fight for ultimate anabolism.

What makes exchange different from other products? ALR explains it here.

According to ALR, The Studied Benefits of Ursolic Acid are:
  • Augmentation of lean muscle mass by way of increased sensitivity to IGF-1 and insulin as well as inhibition of atrogin-1 and MuRF1.†
  • Increased muscle glycogen stores thus increase muscular recovery and performance potential.†
  • Increased bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity and differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts.†
  • By inhibiting 11-bHSD-1 decreased visceral (abdominal) fat.†
  • Decreased estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.†
  • By way of pancreatic inhibition of lipase and increased lipolysis in fat cells, decreased fat storage and increase fat burning.†
  • Decreased conversion of blood sugar to fat by inhibition fatty acid synthase.†
  • Decreased bad cholesterol and fat stores through the activation of PPAR.†
  • Inhibition of inflammatory cytokins, IL-6, and COX-2 specifically.†
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