Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Royal Jelly is Nature's Energy and Testosterone Booster.

Royal Jelly has been all the rage on Ergo-Log and for good reason. It's inexpensive and several studies are championing its positive effect on testosterone production. Look for products that get you at least 25mg per serving.

As little as 25mg increased testosterone by 20%.

Royal Jelly: more testosterone and red blood cells 28.10.12
A little bit of Royal Jelly increases testosterone level by 20 percent 16.08.2012
Animal study: Royal Jelly has life extending properties 18.10.2011
Anti-ageing effect of Royal Jelly boosts testosterone 08.04.2011
Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study 02.04.2011
The Royal Jelly testosterone factor – part 2 21.03.2011
The Royal Jelly testosterone factor 20.03.2011

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