Thursday, November 8, 2012

Better Body Sports Provotol Combines HICA and Agmatine

The Below information is from Better Body Sports.

Want to lift more, train longer, & perform better naturally?

Allow us to introduce to you PROTOVOL! Composed of a powerful leucine metabo- lite synthesized for maximum absorption and efficiency as well as key ingredients to enhance the bioavailability and effectiveness PROTOVOL has what you need to reach the next level. In studies HICA (important ingredient found in Protovol) has been shown to increase lean muscle tissue and reduce muscle soreness thus allow- ing you to train harder, train longer, and recover quicker. Getting you ready for the next xtreme workout or athletic event!

Sound good thus far?

What’s even better about PROTOVOL is that it is a natural, non hormonal supplement that you do not have to cycle on and off of like pro hormones or anabolics! PROTOVOL can be used by both men and women of ages 18 and up making it a trully incredible supplement that can be used for a number of muscle building and sparing benefits!

HICA (alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid) helps increase protein synthesis through it’s key molecule Leucic Acid. This concentrated dose of Leucic Acid is delivered to the muscle tissue without being broken down by the gut! Once it reaches the muscle tissue it prevents catabolism (muscle wasting) and increases anabolism (muscle building). End result is increasedmuscle output and repair.

Increased Pumps & Nutrient Delivery!

The purpose of "the pump" has been confused with the massive amount of pre-workouts on the market that give you increased vasodialation to the point where you feel like your skin is tearing! Sounds great right? Well it is....but a more important benefit of vasodialation is increased nutrient delivery allowing for faster repair and recovery. What Protovol provides is the potential to keep your pumps going all day long!

Agmatine Sulfate could be considered the rookie of the year in nitric oxide supplements. But it has the potential to go beyond just long lasting pump. Agmatine is also considered a anti-oxidant, Nootropic (mental focus), cardiovascular support, and promote LH and GH release!