Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cissus quadrangularis: Joint Support, Fat Loss, Liver Support, Testosterone

In the 4-Hour Body, Timothy Ferriss used cissus quadrangularis to eat all he wanted while keeping the fat off. He took 2.4 grams (2,400 milligrams) three times per day 30 minutes prior to meals.

While best known as a supplement for joint support, Cissus is becoming a major player in.

Fat Loss
Liver Support
Testosterone Support (through controlling cortisol levels)

Cissus is a plant that grows in Africa and Asia and is commonly referred to as veld grape. Research shows that cissus is effective at enhancing bone reformation after breaks, preventing osteoporosis and providing powerful antioxidant and antibacterial benefits.

According to Muscle & Fitness:
"Scientists reported that the obese group that took a placebo along with the low-calorie diet lost just 5 pounds and 2% bodyfat; the obese group that took cissus but didn't diet lost 15 pounds and 6% bodyfat; and the obese group that took cissus and followed the low-calorie diet lost 18 pounds and 8% bodyfat. The overweight group that took cissus with no diet lost 8 pounds and 5% bodyfat."

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The anabolic effect of Cissus quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis helps bone cells make more IGF-1