Friday, November 2, 2012

I just ordered iforce Hemavol, Muscle Pharm Hybrid N.O., E-Pharm Ursobolic and Finaflex PCT Revolution

I got a great deal at Nutraplanet.

Bonuses I received are free iForce multivitamin and lifting straps and a free FINAFLEX® Crea-Trona®.

1 xThe Hemavol Heavy Hitters Stack (Combo)
By: iForce Nutrition
Hemavol Flavor: Lemon Drop
1 xHybrid N.O. (80 capsules)
By: Muscle Pharm
1 xUrsobolic (120 capsules)
By: E-Pharm
1 xPCT Revolution Black + FREE Crea-Trona Powder (BOGO)
By: Redefine Nutrition (FinaFlex)
Sub Total:$79.92
Shipping and Handling:$6.95