Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurry! Free Creatine Offer! Free FULL SIZED Finaflex Crea-Trona with Purchase! Hardgainer Alert!

From one of my favorite sites to buy from Nutraplanet.

Finaflex introduces Crea-Trona, the world's first true buffered Creatine supplement that will redefine Creatine supplementation forever...

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Crea-Trona delivers more Creatine to muscle cells by regulating PH levels in muscles resulting in greater Creatine absorption and delivering an increased training capacity. Crea-Trona has been shown in studies to deliver more Creatine to muscles after just 4 weeks of use compared to other forms of Creatine.

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I am not affiliated with Nutraplanet and have no control over when this will end!

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